And so it begins…

26 Treasures of Childhood was just an exciting idea that we talked about in pubs, until this Wednesday. That’s when our writers came along to the Museum of Childhood to be introduced to their Treasures.

Well, almost. Some of the Treasures are still out in other museums or private collections. They won’t be here for a few months yet. But we were all told which Treasure we’d be writing about.

John Simmons meets his Treasure, a child's food ration book from 1950

There were oohs, aaahs and the occasional gasp as editorial team members John Simmons and Fiona Thompson read out which writer had which object. There was also a real sense  of responsibility.

Some of our objects are old and a bit knackered, others have never been taken out of their original wrapping – but they are all Treasures in their own way.

Afterwards we had a look behind the scenes in the museum, chatted with the museum director Rhian Harris and director of exhibitions Stephen Nicholls  – who know sooo much about childhood – and got to look at a few of the Treasures.

We asked questions, snapped photos and took notes. The creative process had begun..

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