Partying backwards with Katie Treggiden

It’s the longest day of the year today. The nights are drawing in. But cast aside those gloomy thoughts and bask in the bright, shiny presence of design geek and award-winning blogger, Katie Treggiden. Katie, over to you…

What object are you writing about and what were your first thoughts when we told you?

I am writing about the Ladybird dressing gown sold by Woolworths in 1981. My heart sank, as I was only two in 1981 and had never heard of it! I was hoping for something I remembered! Luckily some of my lovely twitter followers shared their memories with me, and I’ve been able to merge those with real memories, to write something meaningful.

Is it me, or is that cover just a bit too busy?

What lost object from your own childhood would you like to own again, and why?

I have an old beaten up nightie case shaped like a dog, imaginatively named Doggie. I once lost him briefly and it was terrifying! Luckily we were reunited.

Hop into my time machine and it will take you back to one specific hour of your childhood – where and when do you want to go, and why?

I don’t remember how old I was, but my Mum threw me the most amazing ‘backwards party’ for my birthday one year. We all wore our dresses back to front, ate jelly and ice-cream before our sandwiches and I was known as Eitak Nediggert for the day! (My friend Hannah didn’t appreciate the joy of a palindrome that day!)

Can you surprise me with one unusual fact about your childhood?

I didn’t have an imaginary friend, but I did have two imaginary dogs! They were little terriers and used to go everywhere with me. I think they might have been called Pepsi and Shirlie!

The real Pepsi and Shirlie. Happy days.

What’s the earliest thing you can remember writing?

I remember writing my name at nursery school. Katie Treggiden. That’s quite impressive for a four year old! They gave us cards to copy from and I turned mine over because I already knew how to do it. I was a precocious child!

[Ed, here’s a “classic” Woolworths ad. 1980s advertising was soooo good.]


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3 responses to “Partying backwards with Katie Treggiden

  1. Jan Dekker

    Pedantry klaxon: isn’t a palindrome a word or phrase that’s the same backwards as it is the right way round. As in ‘Dammit, I’m mad’?

  2. neilbaker

    Maybe that’s why young Hannah didn’t appreciate it. Wonder if she’s been grammatically scarred ever since?

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