Happy families with Margaret and Tom

Well, this is a first for us: a mother and son Q&A. We could call it two for the price of one, except nobody here gets paid for anything. So step forward branding guru Margaret Oscar and her son Tom Scadding.

What object are you writing about and what were your first thoughts when we told you?
T: I’m writing about Henry Moore’s ‘Family Group’ sculpture. When I first saw the picture of it, I thought how modern it looked. I also thought it was the size of a table lamp!
M: Henry Moore’s ‘Family Group’ statue. It’s striking how much it resembles the spirit of my own family unit. The three of us are incredibly close. I can’t wait to see it, especially as it’s life-size.

Hasn’t little Tom grown

What lost object from your own childhood would you like to own again, and why?
T: My first pair of proper football boots. With studs. Adidas children’s size 13.
M: My Batmobile! My father bought it for me when I was about five. I was the only girl that had one and it fired plastic torpedoes that were bright red so you couldn’t lose them. It was great.

Hop into my time machine and it will take you back to one specific hour of your childhood – where and when do you want to go to, and why?
T: The day my Prep School team won the South West England football final. The team was coached by my favourite teacher and we had all played our best for him. We won! And my mum, who was working away at the time, came and picked me up after the game. Perfect day.
M: The day my mother bought my first set of cutlery for me. Stainless steel, not plastic. She was so proud when I ate my first meal using my own knife and fork. We fought afterwards because I wouldn’t let her take them away to wash up!

Can you surprise me with one unusual fact about your childhood?
T: Much to my father’s disgust, I have never seen Star Wars! I don’t plan to, either.

Tom, this is Luke Skywalker. Honest

M: I didn’t attend a school until I was nearly 17. My father travelled with work and we travelled with tutors. The first time I joined school with people of my own age, I thought teenagers were freaks!

What’s the earliest thing you can remember writing?
T: I remember making and then writing out a Mother’s Day card when I was three. She still has the card to this day.
M: My name. I did it to prove a point to an uncle that refused to believe I could read or write. I was about two and a half.

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