The Exhibition

You want to know more about the exhibition that inspired this project?

Well, London’s world famous Victoria & Albert Museum has a special collection housed in Bethnal Green, in London’s east end, all about childood. Not suprisingly, it’s called the Museum of Childhood.

Later this year the museum is opening a major exhibition called Modern British Childhood, exploring how the nature of childhood in this country has changed since 1948.

Why 1948? Well, the idea is to look at childhood since the Second World War – and 1948 just happens to be the last time London hosted an Olympic Games. (We’re hosting them again in 2012, in case you’ve not noticed).

The exhibition is built around a wide range of toys and everyday objects – from ration books and a Sindy doll to a La La Tellytubby and a Primark girl’s bra. These items are grouped into three periods: 1948-1969, 1970-1989 and 1990-2012.

Within each period, there is at least one object related to each of seven themes: austerity, fashion, play, entertainment, health, education and family.

Some of these objects are in the museum’s collection already, others will be arriving on loan.

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