The Writers

You want to know more about the writers working on this project?

Well, we are all members of, a writers collective that has been around for about a decade. There are several hundred of us now, and we include just about every flavour of writer imaginable – from crusty old poets to lusty young copywriters, from high art to low (and sometimes high) commerce.

Actually, some of us aren’t writers at all – we just love words. And that’s the thing that unites us all. We believe that creativity is good for the soul – and good for business – and that mucking about with the English language is just about the best way of having fun with your clothes on (and it’s probably fun with your clothes off, too).

There are 26 writers working on this project (why are we obsessed with that number – clue: how many letters are there in the English language?). Keeping everyone on the straight and narrow, and making sure we hit our deadlines, are the editorial team: John Simmons, Fiona Thompson, Emily Bromfield and Neil Baker.

And for this special project we are joined by a guest star and honorary member (news to him?), the former Children’s Laureatte Mr Michael Rosen.

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